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24 Hour Emergency Number
071 509 6830
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Welcome to our Family
We place an emphasis on community involvement with the police
There is a huge emphasis placed by government on community involvement with the police. There is no doubt that crime is affecting all of us and the SAPS are facing serious challenges.

The Sinoville Community Police Forum (SCPF) has been established for 17 years commencing in the Sinoville. The success of the Sinoville Community Policing Forum lies in our strong partnership with the Police, the local businesses and community in the area.

Our primary aim is to raise sponsorship to provide support and back up services to assist the police in decreasing crime and increasing the free flow of information between key players. The forum is a non-profit organization. Funded by local businesses, as well as by members of the community who give their time freely to facilitate and manage projects in their sector. We therefore are appealing to businesses and individuals within the Sector 1 community to assist us financially.

You will become familiar with crime reduction and detection ideas which will help keep your home and belongings safe.

You will be able to attend public meetings (including the AGM) each year with guest speakers, SAPS and also the Community Social Events.

The extra security which belonging to a SCPF scheme offers might even mean that you can get a premium discount from your insurance Company.

Regular public meetings are held and these are attended by our Local Police Team. To help us in our combined goal - Fight Against Crime.

Apart from the actual costs, forum heads and their committees contribute hours and hours of their personal time, not for any personal gain or position, but to fight for a better and safer neighbourhood, for the chance to turn our suburbs into communities who know each other, and care! The results have been phenomenal. In Sector 1 the majority of residents now know their neighbours. We care and stand together when someone is in need, when someone dies. When an alert goes out, we all work together to find the criminals.

With funding and volunteers, we can man the Emergency phone and Radios 24 hours per day, maintain a close partnership with the police, and implement communication systems to aid us in the fight against crime.

SCPF are citizen volunteers who give their time freely to perform tasks specified by the SCPF. This helps free up SAPS to perform key operational duties. Volunteer roles range from providing patrolling, services and administration to following up crime reports and incidents with members of the public. These volunteer roles provide significant benefits to the Police Service and to local communities.

Not only does surrounding oneself with new people and learning how to work together as a group help one improve teamwork and relational skills, it reduces stereotypes, increases appreciation of other cultures, and works to fight crime.
We are non-profit Charity & NGO Organization
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Admin Phone

Please note: Minutes of all our meetings are available on request. Please email to the Secretary - Zue-Marié Jacobs WL7 = wl7@scpfsector1.co.za

The Sinoville Community Policing Forum (SCPF) is a body mandated by Sections 18 to 23 of the  South African Police Service Act No. 68 of 1995.
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